Cusco Travel Tips

We, as travelers, to be able to enjoy a truly responsible trip have to collaborate with small actions: Before leaving : Find as much information as possible about the area you are going to visit. Try to choose tour operators, airlines and hotels committed to the host communities and the environment. (Sustainable tourism ). During the trip: keep your mind open to local culture and customs and try the local cuisine. Try to establish contact with the population to learn more about the way of living in the area. Also, when buying gifts, look for local crafts, since you will be boosting your economy. After the trip: always try to fulfill the commitments made with local people, such as sending a photo or a postcard. Undoubtedly, this way of traveling provides an added value to the trip, since you will not only have known a new place, but you will also have imbibed your culture, sanity and natural heritage. What do you think of this type of tourism? Have you made any trips of this kind?

Where to Stay

Our Andean Encounters team recommends a minimum of a 7 day visit to the Belly Button of the World, 2 Days in Cusco 5 days in the Sacred Valley, use a minimum day for acclimatization and better in the Sacred Valley since it is lower altitude than Cusco . if you would like to stay in the Sacred Valley of the Incas  i would recommend for all travellers or families  to stay in a comfortable place not too big, cozy as a home, not so full of tourists, and very clean,  you can visit the website .  For the night in Machu Picchu we recommend for all kind of travellers  This is a very cozy place with a beautiful local energy, this fills us with love for the message of its paintings that this place has, expressing temples of power of our ancestors the Incas, beautiful paintings full of mysticism from the Andean cosmogony.

Where to Lunch

There are hundreds of places to eat in Cusco, but we always support a good meal of  local cuisine, If you like vegetarian food our local coordinator Claraluz recommends her  favourite place Green Point, here you will find different Andean dishes with a wide range of flavors smells and textures if you want a healthy and local food this is the preferred one of Claraluz.

If you are looking for a more homely taste, not so luxurious but typical and delicious dishes that you will not find in tourist restaurants, we recommend the Picanteria la Chomba in Cusco this is perfect for bigger families if you would like to try the best of the Andean local meals.

What to Bring

The weather in Cusco is crazy , you never know , but we always recommend to bring warm waterproof jackets and comfortable hiking shoes as all this place is as known as the Stone city, you need to be prepare always for a rain and the power of the  sun that Cusco Has specially the months of  December,  January, February, June July.

We also recommend you to bring cash since the ATM  takes big part from the amount you want  take from your account check that all bills are in good condition since here in Cusco it is very hard to change broken bills or in bad condition.

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