Sustainable Andean Projects

There are very few companies in Cusco looking for solidarity tourism, for which we have created development methods for the self-sustainability of our local communities.

Economic benefits

  • We generate local employment directly and indirectly
  • We generate foreign currency and supply capital in the local economy
  • We promote the consumption of native and natural products from the areas in which it is made, both in the agronomy and in the textile sector

Environmental benefits

  • It has a minimal environmental impact.
  • We promote responsible consumption and respect for the environment.
  • We generate economic benefits of flora and fauna resources for the benefit of local communities.
  • We control and evaluate their impacts.

Cultural Benefits

  • We respect the sociocultural authenticity of local communities and contribute to intercultural understanding and tolerance.
  • We promote the conservation and restoration of different archaeological sites.
  • We promote and value cultural, local, regional and national manifestations.
  • We promote the self-esteem of the community.

Social benefits

  • We integrate local communities to tourism activities
  • Many of our funds allocate part of the profits to the construction of works of community interest
  • We reactivated rural areas improving the quality of life of the local population
  • We promote the improvement of infrastructure in Andean communities.