Andean Cosmology

The Andean cosmology is only used by some locals who still keep this knowledge inherited from the Incas, it is a matter of transmitting in depth the ancestral wisdom of the ancients, who were the keepers of these master teachings sheltered only by high Andean priests, these Teachings were transmitted through their “Huacas” or Ancient Power temples, where the initiates were trained and began their journey through a long pilgrimage for their own evolution of consciousness and power to reach the “Hanan Pacha”, ” The Heaven”.

The Inca Andean Cosmology considered that nature, man and Pachamama (Mother Earth), are a whole that live closely and perpetually related. That totality seen in nature, is for the Andean Culture, a living being. Man has a soul, a life force, and so do all plants, animals and mountains, etc., and since man is nature itself, he does not dominate, nor does he pretend to dominate it, rather he seeks the total harmony  between the human being and creation.

Connection with Mother Nature (Pachamama)

Within its cosmovision, space was considered sacred because man arose from natural spaces and established his family or community there; As for the connection with nature, man has a relationship of harmony where the land or “Pachamama” live closely together in tranquility, the Inca culture stood out for the respect that there was towards the land that offered them all the resources, its close relationship with the earth meant everything and if it was unbalanced, consequences would be generated that would affect order and the human being.

As mentioned above according to the worldview, the Inca man emerged from a divine or sacred place where his ancestors arose, the geographical features (volcanoes, rivers and lagoons) were venerated and symbol of creation, these sites were called “Pacarinas” where human beings emerged to the world terrestrial world, the most representative is Lake Titicaca.

Connection with the Gods

The Gods were not simply divine characters (Deities) to whom they offered tributes, they were energy and strength in the life of the Incas, where they sought constant intervention to live harmoniously and thus be reborn in the spiritual world being the central axis and basis of all his culture always showing reverence and adoration in all his acts.

Another important aspect to highlight from his worldview is the close relationship between the Gods and the Inca man that was reflected in all his activities, celebrations, rituals and festivals; they worshiped the Sun God (Inti) which meant the center of the empire, the Pachamama which was the most venerated deity for the Incas and meant home and creation, they also worshiped Wiracocha who was the creator and computer of the world, it is said that This God was the one who divided the cosmos into three parts that made up his worldview (Uku Pacha, Kay Pacha and Hannan Pacha). The worldview explains the interpretation of the world that is why the Incas divided the world into three parts according to their vision.

UKU PACHA: inner world or the subconscious, known as the energy that resides within the earth, in this world are dense and heavy energies, and was represented by the Amaru the serpent

KAY PACHA: It is the middle world, or also called our body or the Earth itself, in this world inhabit the 2 kinds of energy the dense and heavy with the subtle and refined, was represented by a cougar.

HANAAN PACHA: It is the world above or the high consciousness in the human being, it is also where the gods and different beings of light lived, they were called Incas only those who had reached this plane since in the Andean cosmovision the goal was that Every human being reaches his high consciousness to live in harmony with the Earth and all creation.

All this is part of the vision of the Incas that allows to know aspects so important for this ancestral group that appreciated and longed for that connection with their Gods and the rebirth of their spiritual life, where the cosmos was the union of everything they knew, believed and admired explaining thus the creation of all their culture.

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