Responsible Travel in Cusco , We take you off the beaten Track in Cusco Peru

Discover secret places only known by local people and support their communities through our sustainable tours in Cusco. If you want to get off the beaten track in Cusco meeting Andean locals and see from up close their lifestyle and get deep into the Andean wisdom, this would be your choice.

Our Sustaining tours in Cusco gets profits for Andean Sustainable Projects

We emphasizes Personal interaction with the Andean locals of Cusco Seeing through the eyes of the Andean people, and learning about their culture, myths, stories, and lives.

Local Adventure in Cusco , Sacred Valley and Cusco Day Tours available

Family trips to Cusco, Sacred Valley and Lake Titicaca , We design our tours to make sure you have an authentic and unforgettable experience. we customize your visit to Cusco and Sacred Valley according your requirements.

Our Tours


Andean Encounters takes you directly to the heart of Cusco and their local Andean people, we have designed these experiences thinking that many visitors only come to see the conventional side of Cusco but forget what the local Andean people know, there is so many legacies of their ancestry, passed to them from hand to hand, myths, stories, Secret power places only known by them.

This ancestral knowledge of the Andean cosmogony are protected only by some of the  local Andean people, and we have been here more than 4 years supporting them so that you can take a true living experience of more than 5 thousand years of  Andean culture in your short visit to the Belly Button of the world.

  • We improve working conditions and access to industry that involves local people in decisions that affect lives and opportunities in life, making positive contributions to the conservation of natural and cultural heritage that embraces diversity by supporting indigenous peoples through our alternative tours in Cusco.
  • Minimize negative social, economic and environmental impacts that produce economic benefits for the local population and improve the well-being of Andean communities.
  • We provide more enjoyable experiences for tourists through more important connections with and locals in Cusco, which offers a better understanding of local cultural, social and environmental problems.
  • We provide access to people with physical and cultural disabilities, we promote respect between visitors and places in Cusco, creating a better impact on socio-culture in the Andes of Cusco.
  • In summary, we make your visit to Cusco an authentic experience through solidarity tourism.
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