Who are we?

We are an alternative non-conventional  Ecotourism company designed to take you directly into the hidden parts of Cusco that are often denied to foreigners and allow you to see the land as through the eyes of the Andean people.

We are here to share in depth authentic Andean knowledge and traditions that has been transcended for many generations. The Andean people are the true guardians and keepers of Sacred Power Hidden places, myths and legends that connect between the cosmos and the peaks of the Andes. We break the barrier between the common traveler and the Local Andean culture by introducing you to the deepest secrets and the wisdom of the Andean which will lead you to one of best experiences in your life.

Andean Encounters has formulated an experience that takes you to the heart of the Andean people and their lands, hidden sacred sites known only by the local Andean, mingle through local markets and fairs. we will visit Andean families, learn about the local camelids and the products made from their wools.

We emphasize personal interaction with locals, the participation in traditional customs and handiwork weaving , and the consumption of healthy home cooked meals prepared in ceramic wood-burning stoves using only locally grown and/or locally caught ingredients.
Our tours provide income to local indigenous Andean families that have been kind enough to open their homes and share their secrets with foreigners. We care about fostering pride in local traditions and letting the Andean native teach the foreigner their knowledge that has been passed down through countless generations.

We are here to offer you a different alternative for your stay in Cusco. All of our experiences are designed exclusively to bring you face to face with indigenous Andean life and wisdom in the Sacred Valley of the Incas  inviting you to participate in ancient traditions and taste delicious home cooked meals prepared from traditional methods. We’ve asked special permission from hidden communities to tell their stories and to show our travelers how they live, what they know, how they work,  and where they sleep.

All members of Andean Encounters team are excited to take you deeper into their lives to see, smell, and taste “what typical tourism companies will never show you”.

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