“Meeting Stephano has been one of the most life enriching experiences. He sheds light and love as probably no other person I’ve been related to. His insights are visionary, which allows for an unconventional passage through authentic narratives of the Peruvian culture. His company is humble, down to earth and loving, which accounts for a warm welcome and a difficult goodbye. We stayed in his house for two additional days, and got to know him better, to reveal one of the most willing to share and insightful persons I’ve met. Every minute is life changing, every conversation a new perspective, every moment an experience you’ll never forget. “We took another tour with Stephano after after a terrific experience several years ago. This time we took a 3 hour hike to see the ruins outside Pisac. First, we took transport up to the head of the trail, then hiked downhill until we reached Pisac again. The hike was fantastic… but just because it was downhill, it doesn´t mean it was simple. You need to be a good walker, and bring good shoes. The hike took us past numerous ruins. Some were religious, others were more utilitarian: guard posts or storage rooms for maize and grain. We hiked along the crest of the mountain for much of the route, which afforded us tremendous views of the sacred valley on both sides. Very recommendable Trek, and Stephano was a great guide! “Stephano was the perfect tour guide for our Sacred Valley 1 1/2 day tours. Stephano was extremely knowledgeable and engaging. We were treated to many “off the beaten path” experiences which gave an authentic taste of Peru, including a home-made lunch and a visit to a Chicheria. But my favorite was our visit to “Semanario”, the ceramic and sculpture studio of worn renown artist Pablo Seminario. Thank you Stephano! “When planning our trip to Peru, it was very important to us to find experiences that would introduce our children (ages 11-14) to the culture, history, religion and beauty of the Sacred Valley in ways that would engage them. Our day with Stephano did exactly that! “Stephano’s warmth, energy and kindness was evident even before we met him. When our flight from Lima to Cusco was cancelled, forcing us to spend another night in Lima, he graciously offered to adjust our schedule so he could pick us up at the airport and begin our tour as soon as we touched down​”