3N/ 2D Lake Titicaca Lampayuni, Uros and Amantani Island

What's Included
  • We take a bus with reserved private seating, which will take us to Puno
  • We have a brief presentation by the locals, demonstrating how they constructed the “floating island,” as well as demonstrating different aspects of native life and living traditions on the island
  • Sra. Presentación Mamani and Sr. Amadeo Quispe will be our local indigenous hosts and will be waiting for us at the Island’s port, ready to receive us and take them to their humble, yet lovely home in the Andean Community of Lampayuni
  • We take a short climb up the Island’s mountain in order to visit the ruins Inkas Pachamama and Pachatata (mother and father), a very sacred place where ceremonial offerings are still made by locals today
  •  Sra. Presentación will once again be waiting for us in her house with a delicious traditional dinner, and she will also demonstrate indigenous weaving techniques. Weaving is an important part of indigenous life in the Andes, for a woman’s ability to weave is a key component in determining her social and economic value to her family and to the community, in general
  • Sr. Luis Mamani, our local indigenous healer and Shaman, will give us a coca leaf reading, where you can ask any questions that you like about the reading. This local healer primarily serves his community, and, as such, he does not speak Spanish. Our interpreter, Sr. Amadeo Quispe, will be helping with the interpretations from Quechua to Spanish.
  • We then travel back to the main port in Puno
  • Free time to walk around, visit museums, shop, and enjoy Puno.
  • Bus ride back to Cusco bus terminal.
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