DMT Spirit Molecule sessions and Despacho Ceremony

What's Included

Description: We highly recommend this tour to people who are in touch more with their inner soul, if you already feel that you are on the spiritual path , and you want to give to yourself one big step on your spiritual journey also maybe you don’t have the Time and the power yet to receive the teachings of Mother Ayahuasca (Beverage from the Amazon which contains the main psicoactive DMT alcaloide) , but in this tour you can experience a short session with the Spirit Molecule ( DMT) which will show you different layers of reality letting you see vibrations, frequencies and energy and more, this will expand your awareness, more than 10 years meditation. We will also be witnesses of 5 thousand years of Andean Traditions, the despacho ceremony symbolizes the reciprocity between mother nature and human being, in the Inca period this ceremony was one of the most important since it provided balance protection gratitude and abundance for our lives, this was done at least once a year, since Andean Encounters has rescued a lot of this tradition to be transmitted with you, it will be an experience of pure love and a gift to our mother earth.

(8:30am) Pick up from your hotel in the Sacred Valley, transportation will take us to Pachar community in Ñaupa Sacred temple, where we will have an Andean cosmology workshop at this place, after this Incan ancient teachings, we will experience an Andean despacho Ceremony made by our Andean “healer or shaman”, The feelings of a despacho Andean offering brings to us, is once every thousand years, it is a special emotion full of love, as if all the time we knew that we were blessed and protected by our mother earth, Cusco is not the real name, the real name is Qosqo which in Quechua means the navel of the world that through a umbilical cord our mother feeds us and we came to the navel of the world to return with a simple gift all that she has given to us, this will be a unique experience in the Andes of Cusco that you will never forget.
(12:30pm – 1:00pm) The Andean ceremonies is always make in special power places by the Andean healer or shaman , most of these places are usually out of sight of the tourist view, we will experience ceremonies as the Incans did 500 years ago ,You will also have the opportunity of a Coca leaf reading by our Andean Healer or shaman. We will experience all this with the sounds of our 3 Andean musicians on live!.
(1:00pm – 2:00pm) Drive back to your hotel.
Recommendations: Warm jacket (preferably water proof or water resistant), camera, sunglasses, bug repellent, sunblock, comfortable hiking shoes, and cash on hand

Includes: Guide/interpreter, transportation, 1 spirit molecule session, Despacho ceremony and coca leaf reading by an Andean Healer or shaman, 3 Andean musicians .entrance to the Sacred temple of Ñaupa temple

Andean Cosmology Tours
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