Alternative Inca Trail Pumamarca Ollantaytambo

It is inevitable not to share the beautiful feeling of traveling and knowing, to learn from each authentic place that, because it is unique, will teach us in its own way the connection with our own center Puma y uku y clara… that center that is overshadowed by a hectic life and without time for oneself, I read that when you take a trip if you do not do that same trip introspectively as a trip inside you will not really be a worthwhile trip, travel as much as you can to any place that is possible (small villages, places of power, ruins , landscapes, etc) all places will give a message to each one of us in their food, in their traditions, in their landscapes, in their people, in their customs, in their wisdom, in their values ​​in their way of seeing life , that I assure you will be a good escape to reconnect with your original center as Choppra says: in that center at the origin of your being is your soul your real and authentic essence and that is where miracles exist and They come true

I want to invite you to this alternative unconventional Inca trail, where you can enjoy a trek  off the beaten path without tourists masses  that makes it even more special and unforgettable

For us Andean Encounters  it is a pleasure to share with you our beautiful life, we have more than 4 years helping travellers sharing our work with a lot of commitment and love, it really stopped being a job and now it is our way of life, on which we focus in the dissemination and practice of responsible and sustainable tourism for our local people,  we are pretty sure that the Andean Local would has a very deep impact  in your  lives which continues to teach us every day, thanks to my beautiful place that is my home thanks to Qosqo (center) ourCusco.

Our tour Inca Alternative Puma Marca – Ollantanytambo that many visitors doen`t know about, the exact purpose of its construction is still unknown, but this site could have been considered a kind of bastion, fortress or access point to the Sacred Valley from the Antisuyo. Puma marca is also said to be a construction of Wari origin, which proves this fact by the designs of its construction, since this type of design can be seen in Pikillaqta (Wari building) in the South Valley not far from Cusco.

This has a privileged view of the Valleys of Patacancha and Yuracacmayo a magnificent walk with mystical and majestic views, and being with us the local Andean, we can also see the local people even using this days  this Incan canals to irrigate their crops, which It reflects the quality of their engineer, you will really feel as if you were discovering this place for the first time !!! Passing architectural structures, incredible terraces and more certainly one of the finest examples that I have seen in  power places in Cuzco Peru, we will also find Inca canals with perfectly designed architecture, a hidden paradise  green Tunnels  that at times you feel as if you were in another place, following this Inca Trail we will also  have the Opportunity to see an Incan Pyramid only known by the Local Andean , we are always oppening new adventures to share it with you  for you to experience something more special than a simple trip, an experience which brings connection with nature ( Pachamama), I wonder what was Pumamarca many years ago? Thus, the place of Pumamarca keeps a great mystery and mysticism since this road connects with the temple of the Sun in Ollantayambo makes it even more mysterious as far as history is concerned.

You are cordially invited to know this Alternative Inca Trail and make a truly responsible and sustainable trip, Andean encounters  are looking forward to meet you!

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