Andean Encounters Alternative tours off the beaten track in Cusco

Responsible Travel in Cusco Peru

The Andes of Cusco has a History full of mystery, there are many people who are called to Peru for different reasons, one of them is the mystical / spiritual side that even the Andean people practice and guard jealously preserving this wisdom for more than 5 thousand years by Andean priests, that is why our group of Andean encounters, runs through each corner to bring you ever deeper experiences, which reach your heart and the center of Cusco, traveling through ancient Megalithic places of Power, full of pure magic and mysticism, come with us and we will reveal to you many of these hidden secrets that have been kept for centuries , because the awakening of light has come the return of the Inca Pachacutek is the here and Now.

We look for the way to always incorporate all the tourist resources that the Local Andean offers to our Visitors, we are experts in alternative tours  to Machu Picchu, ceremonies and Andean rituals, Weddings, local adventures in Cusco, Family Trips in Cusco, Zipline and more, all our tours have local activities that generates funds for sustainable Andean projects.

If you are in Cusco and would like to do some social help while you are in Machu Picchu, we are delighted to welcome you and show you all the secrets that our Andean Hosts have to teach you.